Demand for high-quality coatings is rising in line with the increased pace of urbanisation.?With our?diverse portfolio?of engineered fillers and extenders, we’re helping customers to achieve better cost and performance results?across a?wide?range of?coatings applications.

Whether you’re looking for whiteness or colour development, chemical or UV stability,?stain and scrub resistance or hiding power,?green formulating or cost management, we?have the right solution.


We work with customers worldwide across a broad range?of coatings applications, including:?

  • architectural (interior and exterior)
  • automotive?
  • car refinishing
  • clear coatings
  • general industrial
  • marine
  • original equipment manufacture (OEM)
  • powder
  • wood


We’re?continuously expanding and improving our?coatings?portfolio, working with customers worldwide in association with our Coatings Technical Centres in Europe, North?and?South America and Asia.

Incorporating internationally-recognised brand names such as Minex??and?SilverBond?, we offer a range of specialist materials, including:?

  • ATH?
  • baryte?
  • bauxite (calcined/RASC)?
  • calcium carbonate (ground, precipitated and slurry)?
  • cristobalite?
  • e-glass?
  • feldspar?
  • huntite?
  • hydrous kaolin?
  • magnetite?
  • micaceous iron oxide?
  • microcrystalline silica?
  • nepheline?syenite??
  • silica flour??
  • silica sand?
  • talc?
  • wollastonite?

Sibelco Solutions Tool for Coatings

Browse the Sibelco Solutions Tool for Coatings??to find the minerals you need for your coatings applications. Learn more about specific products such as?Hifill™,?Imsil?,?Minex?, Sibelite?,?SilverBond?, Snobrite? and?Unispar?.

The Sibelco Solutions Tool for Coatings offers Sibelco’s entire range of performance minerals for coatings as well as guidance on recommended usage and technical information.


How can we help you?

Supported by our dedicated coatings experts, we’ll work with you to understand your objectives and develop the right solutions.

With operations in more than 40 countries and an expansive logistics network, we can help you to meet local and global goals.

Please contact us to discuss your challenges and needs. We’re here to help.